Why spend time choosing the best carpet cleaning service

How to choose the best carpet cleaning service

Toddling Children of age about 3-4 are more susceptible to get severe health risks due to unhygienic carpet issues, tracking to a new variety of stains and diseases. Nowadays carpet is also used in many homes because it provides warmth and cosy feelings. Carpets are used for decoration of your home because it looks decent on the floor. Carpets increase the value of your home. So, If you have children at your home then you should make sure that your carpet is being cleaned regularly. Some of the people don’t take carpet cleaning seriously and think that carpet can be cleaned completely by only using a vacuum cleaner if you are one of them?. You need to know why carpet cleaning is most important for your children


There are many diseases caused by dirty carpet because carpet fluffy texture provides the fine medium for the growth of many harmful bacteria, virus, and allergens. Norovirus is one of them which cause chronic disorders.
Norovirus can survive on your carpet for 4-6 weeks and when you walk on the carpet it contaminates air and finally when you inhale that contaminated air it cause many digestive disorders. Stomach flu is the most common disease caused by norovirus. Regular cleaning can inhibit their growth and prevents them from causing diseases.
Campylobacter, Kawasaki Synd, and salmonella are the other common diseases caused due to the dirty carpet.

Mould and Mildews :

Reactive air born diseases in children are increasing in many countries because, in winters, air is very moist and moisture in the air interact with carpet and enhance the growth of moulds and mildews in the carpet.
Mould is very toxic because it creates many respiratory chronic disorders as it contains many harmful, inflammation causing pathogens. These pathogens can cause lungs to a disorder like pneumonia, pulmonary fibrosis, and bronchitis type diseases. So to avoid these disease professional method should be adapted to clean the carpet from moulds and mildews.

Dust Mites:

These are the microscopic insects which live in fabrics, it is mostly found in carpets because in summers when children take dust with them from outside via sole of their shoes, dust settles deep in the carpet and provide an adequate medium for the growth of dust mites and dust is also the source of dust mites eggs. Dust mite can cause severe allergy to your children. Its symptoms are a runny or itchy nose, post nasal drip, itchy skin, and congestion etc. If you found these symptoms in your child you must take immediate action against dust mite

You can get rid of dust mites by cleaning carpet with a damp cloth and using vacuum cleaning. But the proper and effective way to get rid of dust mites is washing the whole carpet with hot water which is not possible at home in this case you have to consult a professional carpet cleaner.

Chemicals :

Carpet cleaning chemicals and other devices which are usually used at home leave many toxic stains on the carpet. These toxic stains can cause a number of severe health risks. Your toddling child not only gets disorders by swallowing these toxic stains but also by inhaling fumes.  So, a professional cleaning service is required to remove all these toxic stains.

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