Why is Carpet cleaning is important if you suffer from dust allergies?

Why is Carpet cleaning is important if you suffer from dust allergies?

A house with nice carpets feels more like a home. Carpet adds to the warm, loving feel of a home, they give children a nice comfortable place to play and reduce the noise levels in a home. Unfortunately, carpets also harbour allergens which can cause health problems for those with allergies.



Carpets can contain dust, dust mites, pet dander, mould spores and other potential irritants. These are all allergens. Allergens can provoke respiratory irritations and allergic reactions like coughing and sneezing in people with hypersensitive immune systems.





Carpets are 100 times more likely to harbour allergens than hardwood floors. Children and pets are more likely to spend time sitting or sleeping on carpets than adults and therefore are usually more sensitive to carpet allergens. Children’s immune systems are also very sensitive. Studies have shown children who live in houses with carpets can ingest as much as 10 grams of dust a day.



The problem is not the carpet itself. It has been shown that carpets help improve air quality in homes by trapping dust and allergens. The problem is the neglect of carpets. Vacuuming is generally the preferred method of removing allergens from carpets but research shows this is not the answer.



Many vacuum cleaners are not able to remove all the allergens in a consistent or complete fashion. Worn carpet is even more difficult to remove allergens from. Allergens get caught in the matted fibres and vacuuming worn carpet simply tends to move dust mites around rather than remove them for good. Older vacuum cleaners often do not have the power to remove allergens and dust which has worked its way deep into the carpet fibres.



The most effective way to remove allergens from carpets is to have your carpets regularly cleaned by a professional carpet cleaner. A regular professional clean will seriously decrease the allergen levels in the carpets in your home.



Professional carpet cleaning machines are more powerful and can remove allergens easily. A good steam clean will also be effective against dust mites. Some professional carpet cleaning companies will even have special hypo allergic carpet shampoos for use on request.



If you are going to try fighting allergens with a vacuum cleaner the key is to be consistent and complete. Do not vacuum half of your carpets and save the rest for another day. Traffic will simply transfer allergens from the dirty carpets to the clean carpets within a matter of hours. Be sure to vacuum the whole house thoroughly in one session.



Also be sure to vacuum in a different direction each time, this helps to approach the carpet from a different angle and give the best chance of removing more allergens. Lastly, double bag your vacuum cleaner bag, this will help to ensure particles do not escape into the air.



Why is carpet cleaning necessary?



Most of us believe that carpet cleaning is just a way to enhance the look of our homes and extend the life of carpets but that’s not true! There are multiple other benefits that make carpet cleaning a must to be performed task on a regular basis. With a regular carpet cleaning service, the air quality within our homes gets immensely improved with direct benefits in improving the health of our entire family.



Many times it is seen that the health of family members suffering from respiratory problems like asthma, bronchitis, trouble breathing and even snoring gets deteriorated due to dust and allergens. And as already said carpets attract these easily hence it must be kept clean to keep the health of our family members in better conditions.



Cleaning of carpets must be done at least once a year to keep a healthy and hygienic atmosphere within homes and businesses. It also affects those who have sensitive skin as the allergens like bacteria and fungi that get trapped in the carpets can cause skin irritations, rashes, itching and even swelling of the skin.



Also can develop athlete’s foot where scaly rashes cause itching and burning sensations caused by ringworm fungus. There are other health issues apart from just diseases causing from allergies and skin sensitivity like stomach infections and weak immune system.