When you should call a professional carpet cleaner

When is it time to call a carpet cleaner in Coventry

Having carpets can be great. They allow us to sit in use the floor for our pleasure. They also keep us warm, As the floor remains at room temperature. However, they do have some negative points. Carpets are a huge filter. They can absorb that and germs, As they usually cover the entire area of the house. Anything dropped onto the carpet or any drinks built will be absorbed and remain on your carpet. Once we start to think about this we realise just how dirty the carpets can become if not cleaned on a regular basis. So the act of cleaning your carpets is actually quite an important one.  Steamy Carpet Cleaner Of Coventry provides this service across Coventry and Warwickshire.

When is the right time then to clean our carpets? This question has been debated by the carpet cleaning profession for over a decade. The reason there is a debate is due to the belief that many feels cleaning the carpet can in some instances damage the fibres. So if cleaning is required it should be limited to only a certain amount per year. The amount of times a carpet should be cleaned yearly differs depending on who you talk to. Some believe that you can clean your carpet monthly, and others believe that once a year is the right amount of times to clean your carpet. In truth, it’s hard to put a figure on this as there are many factors which play a part. Ranging from the type of carpet you have to the solution is used for cleaning.

If we break down the types of carpet cleaner into two clear strands, we can name them a simple rinse, and a deep clean. A simple rinse does not have a major effect on damaging any carpet fibres. It usually involves pushing water into the carpet and then sucking the water back out along with dirt. This can be a less damaging way to clean the carpet. It does not, however, hold the strength of a deep clean. A deep clean involves the application of the solution to break down that within the carpet, and also separate machinery for agitation of this solution within the carpet. When we refer to agitation we are talking about the rubbing of solution into the carpet fibres. As you can imagine this can cause damage to fibres if done on a regular basis. On the plus side, however, A deep clean can help move nasty stains and dirt from the carpet with ease.

When looking at how often you should clean your carpet it is important to take into account these two factors. Choose the method you require based on the stains and condition of the carpet that needs cleaning. We hope you found this blog post useful, stay tuned for further help with carpet cleaning problems.