How often should you have your carpet cleaned?


If you have many carpets at home, you must find the best way to keep them clean. Dirty carpets can be harmful to health because they provide a good breeding ground for pests and bacteria. They can cause several allergies. In addition, they can give the room an unpleasant and musty odour. However, they certainly face many problems when it comes to cleaning carpets, as it is very painful.





If your carpets are slightly dirty, you will have to vacuum them weekly. You should also clean the stains as soon as the dirt falls on the carpet, or at least if you notice them. If you have children or pets at home, your apartment will be very dirty. Children will surely drop food on the floor, while animals may lose a lot of hair or even urinate on the carpet. You should vacuum your carpets twice a week or even every day, depending on how dirty they are. You must also monitor the damage to be able to clean it immediately.



Even if you work hard to keep your home clean, be sure to do a professional carpet cleaning. The fact is that some areas will have much more traffic than others and need a renovation instead of just cleaning them. You will also notice that deep stains are not removed, even if you try to clean them at home. Blood and urine are notoriously difficult to eradicate. A professional carpet cleaning service will have access to the best equipment and materials. In addition, it employs people with great experience in this work. You can choose the right technique and equipment for specific problems.



It is advisable to use a professional carpet cleaning service at least once a year, as long as you often clean your carpets. High traffic areas may require professional cleaning twice a year. Restoration works are less necessary; Every 18 months, it’s usually enough for carpets if you have a normal-sized family with only one or two pets. Then you can keep your home clean and free of diseases and allergens.



If you are single and do not have a lot of traffic on your carpets, you may need to clean them every two years or even more. If you take care of your carpets by vacuuming every two days and raking your carpet, you should do it every two years.  You can do this by using our services.



If you have a family with children, that’s another story. Due to the heavy traffic, even vacuuming every two days and raking the carpets, you must do it twice a year to avoid heavy traffic. This will significantly extend the life of your carpets. In the end, you save money, because cleaning costs only a few hundred dollars since it costs more than several thousand dollars to replace them.



The only thing that should be taken into account is to clean the carpet before it gets worse. Do not wait until the carpet looks horrible. As soon as you notice some points here and there and start seeing these signs of heavy traffic, call a specialist and do it.