Does my carpet shrink if its washed?

Will my carpet shrink if it is washed?

Types of carpets react differently when washed. The main types of carpets are firstly a tufted carpet. Tufted carpet is where different fibres are stringed together to form a tuft. These carpets have some depth to them. These can be seen in most homes across the UK. The second type of carpet is called a weaved carpet. This is where a single strand of fibre is weaved to make a carpet. This type of carpet usually lies flat. You can see this carpet and most hotels lobbies. There are advantages and disadvantages to either type of carpet.

The benefits of a weaved carpet

  • A weaved carpet is more tough and durable that a tufted carpet. This is because the fibres have not been broken, resulting in no weak areas of the carpet.
  • Different types of patterns can be woven into the carpet. A weaved carpet can come in many types of colours and patterns as the fact that it’s been weaved makes this an easy process.

The benefits of a tufted carpet

  • A tufted carpet does not cost as much as a weaved carpet.
  • A tufted carpet is able to provide some depth to the carpet. As the strands of fibre are usually lined vertically they allow for a cushioning effect which many people enjoy.

Now back to the question. Many weaved carpets are also strung together with another fibre called “jute”. This is a fibre which is known to shrink when exposed to water. Jute has been used much less in recent years but it is still important to check a carpet before any type of cleaning takes place to confirm whether or not jute has been used.

Once all the checks are done, if jute has been used the carpet cleaning technician should simply use less water on the carpet and also not leave any water to dwell within the carpet. So this would mean to vacuum all water straight back up as soon as it makes contact with the carpet. This is where the importance of using a skilled carpet cleaning technician that is knowledgeable on these and more issues.

Fresher carpets Coventry run a variety of checks on each carpet before undertaking any work. The check ensures we choose the right cleaning solution and the correct cleaning method for each job. This also means that we ensure our client’s carpets are not damaged and we are able to perform the very best job.

In conclusion, your carpet can shrink if it is a weaved carpet and jute has been used to weave it. However, shrinkage can be avoided if you use a skilled carpet cleaning technician. You can give us a call and discuss any questions you have regarding shrinkage and we will be happy to help. Shrinkage is becoming less and less of an issue in carpet cleaning but it’s still good to be on the safe side as we still hear the odd horror story every now and again.

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