About Us

We are a bunch of guys that are really interested in cleaning and the best methods in which it can be done.  We talk for hours about the different chemicals we use and the results that they produced.

 We first started our business when Sam and Steve first left university and were wondering what they were going to do with there lives.  they liked the idea of getting into business but wanted to start a business that they could really add value too.

They came across the carpet cleaning industry and began to research the area.  Their research took them to the United States which was on the cutting edge of the carpet cleaning industry.  There they made many good friends and contacts which would serve them well in their new business venture.

Sam and Steve came back to Coventry full of excitement and quickly started their new venture.  The business Steamy Carpet Cleaner of Coventry quickly grew from strength to strength.  More staff were taken on to deal with the huge demand.  Sam and Steve treated each member of staff as family and all staff was given the highest amount of training possible.

All the hard work has now paid off as Fresher Carpets is often described as the number one carpet cleaning business across Coventry.